School of Yoga – Canvas Yoga Bag


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Extra Large Canvas Yoga Bag with Embroidered School of Yoga Logo

Size: 6.5″ width, 11”height, 30.5” bottom, 33” top length

Description: EXTRA SPACIOUS YOGA MAT BAG: With its dimensions measuring 6.5” inches width, 11” inches height, 30.5” inches bottom and 33” inches top length, this ideally sized yoga bag is long enough to fit any yoga mat – and wide enough for two of them as well! BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERY & DESIGN: A beautiful embroidery decorates the outside of the bag, that is cotton colored – which makes it a simple, minimal, stylistic choice for your yoga practice! MAGNETIC SNAPS FOR EXTRA EASE OF USE: To help you easily open and securely close your bag, we have added 4 magnetic snaps to your tote bag. And, to make sure that they will not tear or fall apart, we have also added non-woven material to their strip!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 33 × 6.5 × 11 in