Golden Lotus School of Yoga Curriculum

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Institutional Purpose:

Golden Lotus School of Yoga provides instruction in the field of Yoga Teacher Training and its related topics. Upon successful completion of the training the student will have the knowledge and skills to teach Yoga according to the goals and principles of Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association, Inc.


The Golden Lotus School of Yoga offers a teacher training program that has its roots in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. Trainees will learn an in-depth study of yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama techniques, physical and subtle energy anatomy and physiology, principles of nutrition and diet, marketing and business philosophies, ethics, and class development for special needs. Self-development assignments, karma yoga projects and student teaching will be included.

Class Requirements:

  • Asana techniques – 50 Hours:Students will learn how to teach the asanas using the GLYTA principles of executing them with emphasis on alignment, energy flow, breathing, awareness and benefits.
  • Meditation techniques – 25 Hours:Students will learn how to practice simple forms of meditation and introduce them to their classes. The importance and benefits of meditation will be stressed.
  • Pranayama techniques – 10 Hours:Students will learn how to teach several forms of pranayama, their benefits and importance.
  • Methodology – 25 Hours:Students will learn how to demonstrate, teach, and make adjustments to postures. They will further learn how to design classes and workshops, how to use voice, music, and silence. Working with special needs populations will also be addressed.
  • Physical and Subtle Energy Anatomy and Physiology – 15 Hours:Students will learn practical elements of the skeletal, muscular, organs, bodily systems, and chakras and how the asanas, pranayama and meditation effect them. Ayurveda, diet and nutrition will also be included in this area.
  • Yoga lifestyle, history, philosophy and ethics – 50 Hours:Much of this is covered in the SRF Lessons, however additional information will be addressed including sacred texts. Special emphasis will be placed on working with the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali and self-development.
  • Marketing and business philosophies – 5 Hours:Learn bookkeeping skills, advertising, starting a class, how to obtain a space, liabilities and insurance.
  • Practicum – 16 Hours:Assisting, adjusting, demonstrating, practice teaching in class on-site, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Karma yoga project – 4 Hours:Selecting, organizing, reporting on project in class. (Additional hours outside class accordingly will be needed.)

Cost: $2,000 USD