Yoga is not a religion but a way of life, a practical science refined over thousands of years that anyone and everyone can enjoy.”
~Yogacharya Oliver Black, founder of Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association

Golden Lotus School of Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program 

Golden Lotus School of Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training program is rooted in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and Self-Realization Fellowship.

Within this program, you will learn an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, meditation, asanas (yoga postures), pranayama techniques (life force control), personal sadhana (spiritual practice) development & refinement, physical and subtle energy anatomy, develop and facilitate a yoga retreat, along with many in-person and virtual opportunities to practice teach, and so much more!

Joining the Golden Lotus School of Yoga will also offer you opportunities to establish relationships with like-minded yogis while learning and growing with one another. Mostly, it aims to offer guidance for deepening your connection of your true Self: divine oneness with the infinite omnipresence of Spirit. With your continued practice of hatha yoga, meditation and deepening your connection within your own Self, you can then guide others to do the same as a qualified yoga teacher through successful completion of the program.

Song of the Morning, A Yoga Retreat of Excellence

A yoga retreat where the timeless science of yoga is taught as a full and practical way of life.

Nestled on 800 acres of the Pigeon River forest in Northern Michigan, and home to our teacher training program, Song of the Morning yoga retreat provides an immersive, oasis of seclusion and peace to learn and deepen your Yoga practice.

Meet Our Trainers

Our style is a gentle, traditional, meditative Hatha Yoga. All of our teachers have been initiated into Kriya Yoga, the sacred pranayama and meditation technique, brought to America by Paramahansa Yogananda.  Our commitment to excellence and Self-realization is brought to every class that is taught.

David Krolikowski

About David

David was first introduced to yoga through the practice of hatha yoga. He found his Gurudeva when he read “The Autobiography of a Yogi”, which had a profound influence on his life. In 2014, he took Kriya Yoga diksha under the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda.

David soon began visiting Song of the Morning and in 2015 graduated from the Golden Lotus School of Yoga, where he currently serves as a trainer for their Teacher Training Program. David is very involved with the Detroit Center of Self-Realization Fellowship, the organization Sri Yoganandaji founded in 1920.

David currently volunteers his time teaching hatha yoga at the Gilda’s Club of Metro Detroit. He works in Finance for a non-profit senior living community in Waterford, MI called Lourdes Senior Community, currently residing in Ferndale, Michigan. David enjoys playing the harmonium, tablas, singing, and chanting.

Kendra Hubbarth Bohr

About Kendra

Kendra Hubbarth Bohr was originally introduced to Song of the Morning as a very young child when her parents would bring her for meditations in the early 1970’s. After returning to Northern Michigan in 2017, she began her studies of the Self Realization Fellowship Lessons and Golden Lotus Hatha Yoga. She completed the training and was initiated into Kriya Yoga through Self Realization Fellowship in 2021. Currently Kendra teaches Golden Lotus Hatha classes at Song of the Morning during their many retreats and festivals, as well as for the local community and staff. 

Her dedication to the mission of Song of the Morning can be seen in her ever present volunteering in many capacities wherever and whenever she is needed. And, in April of 2023, accepted a position on staff. Kendra’s previous career involved being a salon owner, educator and platform artist for nearly 30 years. Her passion for the Golden Lotus style of Hatha Yoga can be felt in her gentle meditative approach and heartfelt sincerity during her classes. 

Looking to start or deepen your yoga practice? Learn more about our teacher training program.


During your training you will learn the following

Asana Techniques

Students will learn how to teach the asanas using the GLYTA principles of executing them with emphasis on alignment, energy flow, breathing, awareness and benefits, as well as modifications including using a chair prop

Meditation Techniques

Students will learn how to practice simple forms of meditation and introduce them to their classes. The importance and benefits of meditation will be stressed.

Pranayama Techniques

Students will learn how to teach several forms of pranayama, their benefits and importance.


Students will learn how to demonstrate, teach, and make adjustments to postures. They will further learn how to design classes and workshops, how to use voice, music, and silence.

Physical and Subtle Energy Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn practical elements of the skeletal, muscular, organs, bodily systems, and chakras and how the asanas, pranayama and meditation effect them. Ayurveda, diet and nutrition will also be included in this area.

Yoga Lifestyle, History, Philosophy and Ethics

Much of this is covered in the SRF Lessons, however students will learn additional information including sacred texts. Special emphasis will be placed on working with the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali and self-development.

Marketing and Business Philosophies

Students will learn bookkeeping skills, advertising, starting a class, how to obtain a space, liabilities and insurance.


Students will learn how to assist, adjust, and demonstrate, while practicing teaching in class on-site, giving and receiving feedback.

Karma Yoga Project

Students will select, organize, and report on a Karma Yoga project of their choosing in class. This will be a project worked on throughout training.

Personal Sadhana Development & Refinement

Sadhana means spiritual practice. In order to maintain a healthy life and to be an effective yoga teacher, having a personal sadhana practice is invaluable. Within this program, you will be given the tools and guidance to create your own sadhana routine or how to refine an existing one.

2024 Training Schedule

This year’s teacher training will be hosted at Song of the Morning for 10 in person sessions

April 12-14

May 10-12

May 31-June 2

June 21-23 – International Day of Yoga 

July 12-14

Aug 16-18

Sept 6-8

Sept 27-29

Oct 18-20 – GLYTA Yogananda Weekend

Nov 8-10 – Graduation


We offer flexible payment options that allow for trainees to receive discounts on lodging & meals. To find more information on the lodging options visit

It you have any questions, you can contact


NEw Students
$ 2,000

*Lodging & Meals Not Included

Returning Graduates
$ 1,000

*Lodging & Meals Not Included

Discounted, All-Inclusive Lodging & Meals Rates*

Domes COMMUNAL Dorm Package
$ 1,272 $ 1,044

plus tuition

Domes Private Room Package
$ 1,484 $ 1,218

plus tuition

$ 2,756 $ 2,260

plus tuition

$ 4,452 $ 3,652

plus tuition

*The amount above includes a 18% discount for lodging & meals. To receive the all-inclusive rate, payment must be  paid in full before the first session. Inquire for Lodge queen bed or Dome full or queen bed rooms. Meals included: Friday dinner, Saturday brunch & dinner, Sunday brunch.

Still unsure our teacher training is right for you? We’d love to speak with you in person.