We are pleased to announce we will be holding our 200 hour yoga teacher training program for 2022, starting this spring!

In order to be more flexible around our full life-styles and concerns with Covid-19, we transformed our training from 8 months of in-person sessions to a hybrid of both in-person and virtual sessions. As we continue to pivot and adapt along with the rest of the world, taking the necessary precautions and considerations to keep our students and teachers safe and healthy throughout our training is our number one priority.

Outlined below is our current schedule for this year’s training program. Our sessions are spread out through a total of 8 months to give the students plenty of space in-between sessions to assimilate the lessons, complete homework, study, and to develop their sadhana (spiritual practice) and hatha exercises.

If you have additional questions, or concerns regarding this year’s training please do not hesitate to contact Shannon at: shannon@goldenlotusyoga.org or (734)309-1103.


  • Have read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda before you begin the training.
  • Have taken or are taking the Self-Realization Fellowship Home-Study Lessons. In order to be a member of the Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association you must have received Kriya from SRF. The Kriya lessons are available after completing the basic lessons. Though SRF Kriya is encouraged, it is not mandatory for graduation.
  • Have completed 2 hatha classes from a qualified & active Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association, Inc. (GLYTA) teacher. This can be done in-person or virtual. (Contact us for more details)
  • Have participated in 2 Song of the Morning or Self-Realization Fellowship meditations. This can be done in-person or virtual. (Contact us for more details)

Tentative Schedule:

*All dates are located in-person at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat in Vanderbilt, Michigan unless indicated otherwise.

  1. April 8th – 10th: Session 1
    • April 23rd – Virtual 
  2. May 6th –  8th: Session 2:  GLYTA Banquet
    • May 21st – Virtual 
  3. June 3rd – 5th: Session 3
    • June 18th – Virtual 
  4. July 8th – 10th: Session 4
    • July 23rd – Virtual 
  5. August 12th- 14th: Session 5
    • August 27th – Virtual 
  6. September 9th – 11th: Session 6 
  7. September 30th – Oct 2nd: Session 7
  8. October 14th – 16th – Session 8: Yogananda Retreat
  9. October 22nd – 23rd: Session 9 – Virtual 
  10. November 4th – 6th: Session – Graduation

* We offer a variety of payment options. Contact Shannon to discuss terms.

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