Every Monday at 6:30 p.m. EST.

If you’d like to take the class but the timing doesn’t work for you, please still register, and you will receive the replay link (it will expire a week from Monday).


Through Zoom


The price is free! There will be a link provided in your registration email if you’d like to support your teacher by paying what you can, so they may be able to continue to offer these classes for others. (There’s no obligation.)


This style of yoga is called Golden Lotus Yoga. It was developed by Yogacharya J. Oliver Black in the 1950s, founder of Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat, and a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, (author of the internationally renowned spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi).

They are slow-paced, gentle and meditative, designed for most body types and all levels of experience – from the beginner to the advanced.

Each class contains short meditations and is infused with spiritual inspiration to set the tone and attune you with the sacred being that you are. After a Golden Lotus class, you can expect to experience tension relief, deep peace, mental clarity and an uplifted spirit. Establish roots for a nourishing foundation as you move into the rest of your day and week ahead!

How to Register:

Register online at Song of the Morning: Online GLYTA Yoga Class — Song of the Morning


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